Rock Charms

Rock Charms are pendants made out of natural stones. They include those made of rhodonite, sodalite, varacite, chalcedony rose, coral, rhodacrosite, charoite, chapenite, malachite azurite, lapis, ammonite, pyrite, amethyst,  citrine, hematite, damsonite, leopard skin jasper, moss agate, fossil, copper , onyx, opal, rose quartz, bloodstone and quartz.  The metaphysical powers of each mineral is included.  We have stones for all chakras.

Most are priced at $15 for a rock charm. 


Fossil coral brings stability and balance to our emotions. It also invigorates us and makes us more energetic. $15 (A1)



Malachite helps when you are in a situation with much changes.  It brings understanding and intuition. $15 (A9)



Amethyst Flower is a stone of spirituality and contentment.  It gives stability, strength, invigoration and peace. $15 (A1)


Blue Lace relieves stress and tension. It calms emotions and brings an inner peace. $15 (A5)

Agate strengthens the mind and body.  Imparts a sense of strength and courage. A powerful healer. $15 (A3)


Ammonite fossil enchances telepathy to past worlds. $15 (A2)


Titanium Druzy $55 (B9)


Amber Stress reliever which cleanses the body, mind and environment. Activates unconditional love. Stimulates the intellect. (A7) $15



Rhodacrosite provides love and balance. Its energy emits the power of love. $25. (A9)


Lapis helps you organize your life. $15 (B2)


Copper instills optimism, initiative and independance. Helps you achieve a higher state of consciousness. $15 (B1)



Carnelian enhances passionate and procreative energies. $15 (A2)



Malachite helps when you are in a situation with much changes. It brings understanding and intuition. (C4) $20


Jasper helps to eliminate negativity. It can keep you energy high. It is a sacred stone of Native Americans. $15 (B4)

Fossil (Orthoceras) is from Morocco. $18 (B5).

Druzy. Purifies and helps with healing. $32 (A4)

Kyanite. Helps us to communicate better. Lovely blue color that goes well with jeans and can be worn for nicer occasions. $15 (B1)

Hematite. This is a good grounding and calming stone. $15 (A8)

Low Prices on Natural Stone Pendants and Rock Charms
Our stones are done individually, not mass produced. 

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