Larimar is a new and rare precious gem. It is found in a mountainous area of the Dominican Republic. It was introduced to the modern world in 1974 when a Peace Corps member reported it. The first miner in the Dominican Republic named it after his daugher Larissa and the sea which is mar in Spanish.

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Larimar is probably a pectolite although there have been specimens that may have a higher aluminum content which may make it natrolite Larimar. (C6) $95


Our minerals are lovingly cut individually by the artist who has been a rock lover all of her life. Larimar was formed by volcanic activity. Larimar (C1) $75




Since Larimar comes from only one location, there is always the possibility that it will be mined out and become unavailable. Larimar (B4)  $30



We go rockhounding to get many of our minerals, but do buy others from places around the world. Larimar increases speech and communication skills, according to metaphysical belief. This magnificent piece is of the highest quality Larimar and is done in 14kt Gold.  $375 (C5)




Larimar relieves tension. Larimar (B5) $45




Larimar resembles the sky and the sea which are always changing. (C6) $90




Larimar brings serenity to its environment and carries loving energy. Larimar Earrings. (C4) $100



Larimar can rid us of restrictions that we impose upon ourselves. Larimar (B6) $30



Larimar controls without repression. (C5) $75



Larimar's blue and green colors mirror the waters surrounding the island where it is found. Larimar (B8) $65



Larimar increases speech and communication skills according to metaphysical beliefs. Larimar Earrings  $36 (B8)




Larimar has such vibrant colors that it inspires visionaries. Larimar Earrings. (B8) $30



Larimar helps soul mates to find one another. Larimar Earrings $38 (B7)



Larimar brings emotional harmony and cools fiery anger. Another pretty one Larimar Earrings $28 (A6)


Larimar helps to open the mind to changes that will improve your life. $30 (C1).

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