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Natural gemstone pendants wire wrapped in 14KT gold filled or sterling silver include those of rhodonite, sodalite, ammonite, varacite, malachite, azurite, leopard skin jasper, moss agate, fossil, eudialite, charoite, copper, chrysocolla, hematite, Bruneau jasper,  lapis lazuli, moonstone, sunstone, sugilite, labradorite,  septurite, rutilated quartz, onyx, opal, rose quartz, tiger eye,  turquoise, bloodstone, Horse Canyon agate, coral and calcite.

If you do not see your favorite on the site, email me.  If I have any in stock I can put it on the website for you. We go rockhounding to get many of our minerals, and also buy others from places around the world. All wire wrapping is done by Rinda in 14KT gold filled or sterling silver wire.


Malachite Azurite both together calm axiety. They also enhance the ability to give and receive love. Useful for business success. This one is done in sterling silver wire (B1) $45. SOLD

Moonstone is a great gem.  It has an internal flash that is mesmerizing.  This is wire wrapped in sterling silver.  $50  (B5)

Rhodacrosite is found in Colorado and Argentina.  It has a wild, latin look.  This one is done in 14kt gold filled wire  $50  (A7)

Malachite is known for its deep green color and its swirls. This one is done in sterling silver with 14kt gold filled wraps. (A7) $40

Bloodstone is a green jasper with red highlights which makes it quite striking. wire wrapped in sterling silver. $45 (B7)

Onyx is a classy looking stone which enhances most outfits.  This one is done in sterling silver with 14kt gold accents  $45 (A6)

Labradorite is a very sophisticated stone. It changes its look and flashes as you move. The main wrap is in Sterling Silver and the side wraps are in 14Kt gold fill. (A4) $30

Druzy is a natural agate from Brazil. The word druzy means "little crystals." It is enhanced using the same process as is used with the astronauts visors. Wire wrapped in 14kt gold filled wire. $45 (B2)

Charoite is another gorgeous Russian gemstone. Its lavender color is the perfect accent for many outfits. Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver with 14kt gold filled accents $50 (C3)

Rhodacrosite has a gentle and striking look.  This one is smaller than the one above $45 (A2)


Turquoise - This is a gorgeous color of turquoise with a black matrix.  It is wire wrapped in Sterling Silver as the major metal, but the wraps are 14K gold filled. $40 (A3)

Dendritic Opal from Australia. This one is wrapped in sterling silver. $50 (B5)

Tiger Eye. The best known stone for protection. Wire Wrapped in 14kt gold filled. $45 (B2)

Blue Lace Agate. Blue Lace has a calming effect an our emotions. Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver. $45 (B2)

Chrysoprase. This Australian stone is known being love & prosperity to your life. Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver. $60 (B3)


Dragon Bloodstone. The legend is that it is the remains of ancient dragons. The green is the skin & the red is the blood. Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver. $45 (B8)

Kyanite. This lovely blue color can be worn with jeans or for "dress up". This is Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver. $45 (B6)


Rinda at her rock polisher fashioning gems for her jewelry.

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Our stones are done individually, not mass produced. 

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